How to use Google Street View for an SEO Boost

If you have a business you want to be found on the internet, there are two words that should be front and centre in your mind: Google and SEO. But we want to tell you about two more words that will also give you a great Google search engine boost: Street View.

To get really simple, you want potential customers to do their internet business hunting, type a relevant search term into Google, and find you. But there’s more to it than that. If your affordable SEO is really done well, your potential customer will also see a Google map, photos, a logo, and even a Street View image of your location alongside your description, address, opening hours – and more!

Customers want to see a map

Don’t think you need all of that for your small business SEO? Think a little deeper. Remember, if you make the most of the goodies that Google offers you, there are plenty of potential customers who will really appreciate all of that detail about you. But not only that, because you’re wielding the full power of Google, Google will pay you back with an automatic SEO boost. Better Google ranking, more hits, more customers.

Google-Street-View-CarSo why is Street View important for SEO?

Remember, Street View is pioneering Google technology that displays a ‘street view’ of geographical street locations all around the world. For your business, it means customers can actually physically ‘see’ your location before they visit – and it’s information a customer generally loves.

Research has shown that almost 50% of all customers actually use a map when they’re searching for a business, and a further 40% will actually visit the location once they’ve viewed the map. Google also allows you to set up photos and 360 degree virtual tours of your premises, and this results in a doubling of trust and interest in your Google listing.

Why you shouldn’t dismiss Street View

However, many businesses dismiss Street View because they believe there is nothing interesting to show customers from the street. This could be the case for someone working from home, or someone with a workshop. But don’t forget – whether or not you regard that street view as interesting, Google will still give you SEO points!

That’s where getting into customising your street view can be really helpful. Google itself claims that if you put a Street View option alongside your listing, almost half of all searches will result in potential customers taking a look. And in the highly competitive world of being found online, standing out in any way possible is something you really can’t afford to miss.

Choose DigitUX for your Street View SEO

So in short, Google Street View improves SEO by boosting click-through, influencing your Google ranking, generating more content for your listing, and standing out from the crowd. Leading Brisbane-based SEO company DigitUX are experts in tailoring affordable SEO packages to businesses in the ever-changing SEO landscape, so to find out more about how we use tools like Google Street View to boost your ranking, get in touch today.

Where’s Google Headed Next?

To find out where Google’s been or where Google’s headed next, be sure to check out Google’s Street View website and make sure that you don’t miss your SEO opportunity!