In 2019, it is crucial for a business to create or claim their Google My Business listing. These listings are also widely known as Google local listings, Google Maps listings and the Google 3 pack. No matter what you know this listing by, ensuring that you have one and that it’s up to date and...
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Here are DigitUX, we are very excited for another year with new and improved digital marketing strategies, tools, services and tactics to reflect the ever-changing digital landscape. While there’s a ton of new trends emerging in the digital world, we’ve noted 3 key digital marketing trends to watch in 2019 – let’s jump in!
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What a year in search it has been, and it’s still not quite over. However, Google has just released the top searches for 2018. We’ve got the lists covered here for Australia. Some of these just might surprise you… others, not so much.
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