Digital Marketing
what is an api
There is no shortage of marketing acronyms being thrown around the web, and one that you might be hearing more and more these days is “API”. You’re probably aware that this is something to do with computers and likely use APIs regularly, but today you’ll learn exactly ‘what is an API?’. We’ll start with the...
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No doubt we have all heard of dwell time, and even carried out the action of ‘dwelling’ on many websites – but what is dwell time? Dwell time is the length of time a visitor spends looking at a page on a website, directly after they clicked the link on a search engine, but before...
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In 2019, it is crucial for a business to create or claim their Google My Business listing. These listings are also widely known as Google local listings, Google Maps listings and the Google 3 pack. No matter what you know this listing by, ensuring that you have one and that it’s up to date and...
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