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What’s the Difference between a Google My Business View and a Google My Business Searches?

In 2019, it is crucial for a business to create or claim their Google My Business listing. These listings are also widely known as Google local listings, Google Maps listings and the Google 3 pack.

No matter what you know this listing by, ensuring that you have one and that it’s up to date and maintained is a must. Google has also realised the importance of these listings and as such has started providing a wealth of insights for business owners.

While there are many insights to be considered, we’ll start with a basic one that can be somewhat confusing to those managing their listings – Views vs Searches.

What’s a Google My Business View?

A view occurs when your listing in in ‘view’ of the search engine user. For example, you might be looking for a local company in Google Maps but also find that Google has served you a few more listings underneath the company that you are looking for.

So even though you weren’t specifically searching for Company B – Google has showed you this as it is both similar and relevant to the original company that you were searching for.

What’s a Google My Business Search?

A search occurs when a search engine user has specifically ‘searched’ for your business. For example, if you type ‘Don’s Tacos’ into Google, then Google will show you the listing for this business. This will then register as one search in your Google My Business insights.

We hope that clears things up, but if you’re still not sure – let us know in the comments.

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