3 Quick Social Media Tips from the Pros

3 Quick Social Media Tips from the Pros
3 social media tips

Let's face it, if your business isn't utlising social media, it's probably missing out on a stack of brand awareness, engagement and revenue. The challenge with implementing a successful social media campaign is that there are so many channels and so little time. But don't worry, DigitUX has 3 quick tips that will help you on your way to that successful social media campaign.


Look to Your Competitors

Your competitors are a great source for getting an insight into what’s popular and what’s not. Now, that doesn’t mean copying your competitors, but rather crafting from your competitors. Being able to supply your target market with ‘what’s hot’ information will help you stay competitive and credible within your industry. Think this sounds time consuming? Try sites like SEM Rush which can easily help you monitor your competitors’ activities!


Limit Your Social Media Channels

There are no shortage of social media channels being used by millions of people each and every day, but the trick is to just pick a couple to narrow in on for an effective social media campaign. If you try going after too many social media channels, then you are destined to failure. Be strategic and first think of about 3 social media channels where your target market are more likely to be ‘hanging out’ and then spend the right amount of time to consistently provide informative information, memes, tips, competitions and the like getting them engaged with your business.


Use Employees as Social Media Advocates

Every single person has a very widespread reach when it comes to social media and one that can be highly beneficial to businesses. A great way to get your business out there is to get employees engaging and advocating with the business. Remember though, when it comes to this type of thing - always give your employees an option and never make something like this mandatory. Forcing employees or even friends and family to like and engage with your social media may end up doing more harm than good. If you’re more business to business focused then chances are that your employees will jump at the opportunity to increase their professional profile, particularly with social media channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Now that you’ve got 3 great ways to kick-start your social media efforts, go forth and get them in action! Even let us know in the comments on how it went.

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