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In 2021 there are no shortage of website builders, custom sites and content management systems – but one of these is proving to be better than the rest!

The stat gets even more phenomenal when you only take into account websites that use a content management system (CMS), taking WordPress market share to a whopping 64.1% [W3Techs]

Is WordPress the Best CMS?

Like anything, the CMS that a business uses is subjective, but having said that – WordPress is the best CMS for most people, which is why it holds well over half the market share of all content management systems.

WordPress is now powering 39.5% of all websites in 2021, up from powering 35% of sites in 2020 .


What makes WordPress so Popular?

The reason that WordPress has become the most used CMS on the market is because of a few simple but very important things:


As an open-source platform, WordPress is essentially free for anybody to use. How great is that!


If there’s something that you want your website to do, then 99% of the time WordPress will have a solution you’re looking for

Ease of Use

Once you’ve used WordPress a few times, you’ll see just how intuitive it is. There are loads of features and a simple layout that makes it easy to maintain.

SEO Friendly

It’s no surprise that being the most popular CMS platform on the planet, it has to get Google’s tick of approval – and it does. The structure of a WordPress site is SEO friendly which means you can enjoy additional benefits at no additional costs. Furthermore, there are some great SEO plugins out there so that you can take your on-page SEO to the next level!


If you sell products online, chances are you are using WooCommerce – the exclusive e-commerce plugin for WordPress that is used by 4.9% of all websites. Again, it’s the flexibility, cost and ease of use of the plugin that makes it so popular.

WooCommerce powers over 28.19% of all online stores and is the most popular plugin on the entire internet with 68% usage distribution.


Top 10 Content Management Systems in 2021

Before we leave you, here’s a list of the usage statistics of the top 10 content management systems on the web:

  1. WordPress – 39.6%
  2. Shopify – 3.2%
  3. Joomla – 2.2%
  4. Drupal – 1.5%
  5. Wix – 1.5%
  6. Squarespace – 1.5%
  7. Bitrix – 1.0%
  8. Blogger – 1.0%
  9. Magento – 0.7%
  10. OpenCart – 0.6%

[Sources: W3Techs, Hosting Tribunal]

Summing Up

Gone are the days when WordPress was just renowned for being a blogging platform (although it still maintains an excellent blogging solution), but rather it has evolved into something exceptional.

Whether you’re just starting out in business, or have been around for some time, we would highly recommend WordPress websites! While they might take slightly longer to learn as opposed to sites like Wix or Squarespace, they are a much more long-term solution that will provide your business with a greater, more powerful solution overall.

Alternatively, having a WordPress website professionally designed and managed can be more affordable than you think – well, at DigitUX it is.

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