6 Tips to Creating Irresistible Email Subject Lines

6 Tips to Creating Irresistible Email Subject Lines
Despite what some people might say, email marketing is here to stay. It is a highly effective, highly targeted way to communicate with leads, customers, subscribers – anyone you want to send a message to. However, where some people tend to get stuck is with the subject line. Subject lines are important because they can be the defining factor as to whether someone will actually open or read your email, or not. Here at DigitUX, we’ve created 6 best practice tips for creating an irresistible subject line formula.

1. CTA (Call to Action)

There’s no point in sending an email if there is nothing pushing the reader to take the desired course of action. A clear Call to Action (CTA) will entice the reader to engage in the offer you are presenting. It should create a sense of urgency and stand out on the page.
In the below example, FreshBooks creates an enticing CTA by offering a free trial to visitors. The offer stands out on the page by using good colour contrast of bright green on the blue background. CTA example

2. Music to People's Ears

Time is precious and you only have a matter of seconds to capture people’s attention. Words such as ‘New’, ‘Free’, ‘Sneak Peak’ and ‘Discount’, do a great job of capturing the reader and encourage them to open your email – Just don’t overdo it!

3. Stay Off the Beaten Track

There’s a fine line between being ‘music to someone’s ears’ and pushing them away with overused buzz words. By 'overused buzzwords', we mean things like ‘great deal’, or ‘world’s best'. While they might have once worked, the consumers of today's world need more convincing. 'World's best' - according to who? Make sure if you're making a claim, that you can at least back it up with some credible justification.

email marketing subject lines

4. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

This classic marketing term is perfect for email subject lines. You don't get much room in the subject box before being cut off, so keeping your text short and sweet is the key. Just give readers enough information so that they open the email to read more. Don’t over-think them - KISS and send!

5. Test & Experiment

Just because you’ve always used a particular subject line for an email campaign, it doesn’t mean that's the one you should continue to use every time. Marketing is all about testing in order to continue to improve results - in this case, email open rates. With so many free email marketing tools out there like MailChimp, you can perform A/B split tests to find out how your go to email subject line compares with something new. Then you can find out once and for all, which email subject line is the highest converting and then try to outperform that subject next time around.

6. Check it Twice

You've probably received or heard stories about emails being sent to the wrong people or have the wrong information in them. This can be quite embarrassing for businesses and very inconvenient for customers. Before sending your next email campaign, ask a colleague or a friend to do a quick check-over. For something that takes 5 minutes, it can totally worth your white. After all, you don’t want your new irresistible subject line to go to waste now, do you?

Got a handy email tip? Had a bad experience with email marketing? Let us know in the comments.

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