Google Data Center

Inside a Google Data Center

As one of the largest companies on the planet, and one that acquires a staggering amount of new data on its users on a daily basis, you can only image the type of data centers that are required to keep everything running seamlessly.

This 5 minute video gives its users an insight into just one of their data centers, including the security of the center. Fascinating stuff!

Create Landing Pages that Maximise Conversions

A “landing page” is essentially any web page that a visitor arrives or “lands” on. More specifically however, a landing page really refers to more of a ‘standalone’ web page that is distinct from the rest of a website and has been designed for a single focused objective. The benefit of a landing page is that a dedicated page in relation to a single objective is far more likely to convert visitors than a generic page with no clearly defined goal. Therefore, if you’re not taking advantage of what a landing page could do for your business, or want to make sure your landing page is designed to get you the best results, then check out these tips of how to create landing pages that maximise conversions.

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The Future of SEO

There’s no denying that SEO has changed… A LOT! From the days where you could stuff your keywords every which way until the cows came home, farm hundreds and thousands of low quality backlinks to today where it’s search queries and content that are top of the radar. So what’s next for SEO? Here’s a very interesting view which includes 4 ways that SEO is likely to be moving.