Why Is Content Marketing So Important?

Why Is Content Marketing So Important?

It’s easy to assume two things about content marketing. The first is that everyone knows what content marketing is; and the second, is that it’s a new phenomenon.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is any activity that uses the creation and sharing of information in order to help retain current customers, regain past ones, and add new prospects.

Is Content Marketing New?

The first use of the actual term itself appears to be in the mid-1990s – although this is ancient history in terms of today’s fast-moving media! Go back a century, and companies were adding recipes to boxes of bakery products, offering helpful advice in specialist magazines for their customers, and more. Therefore, content marketing certainly isn’t new.

How has Content Marketing Changed?

While we now know that content marketing isn’t new, it has definitely changed to fit in with world’s evolution into a more digital landscape. So while traditional print sources shouldn’t be neglected, content marketing has increasingly become an affective online strategy that businesses use for acquisition and retention.

For example – blogs, social media posts, company web pages, and articles for other websites are all part of a content marketing strategy.


Why should I Implement a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is challenging for a number of reasons. Namely, good content takes time and consistency. With so many media outlets in 2021, it’s important to pick those most relevant to your business and customers and go hard!

The results of a solid content marketing strategy can be very substantial – especially if you’re doing and your competitors are not. Whether it’s Google rankings, website engagement, brand awareness or new leads you’re looking for – get your content marketing strategy in action as soon as possible.

The Balance of Content Marketing

Some businesses find difficulty with their content marketing because they neglect to address both sides of the activity. One is to deliver powerful SEO friendly content, on a regular basis, building up and then maintaining a powerful presence when searches are made.

Equally important is ensuring that the content itself is reader-friendly, informative and of value, and moves the reader towards the place you wish them to be. This can be to link from a social media posting, to respond to a blog, or work through a purchase process when visiting your website.

Often, companies believe that SEO is all-important, yet also feel it can be discarded or downgraded as soon as it proves itself. This is like a retailer blacking out their shop window as soon as the public have all had a chance to see it! But, equally, that visible shop window needs to be attractively presented to encourage passers-by to engage with it. That’s what powerful content marketing achieves.


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