What is a Website?

We all use the internet every day, several times a day, and even visit multiple websites per day – but, just how much thought do we really give to a website? In fact, most users probably don’t know what a website really is.

Without getting bogged down into the nuts and bolts of everything, we’re here to give a quick explanation of ‘what is a website?’

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A website (or site), is a collection of related (web) pages that share a unique domain name.

For example, if you type into your browser:

You probably get the idea.

But basically, for a website to exist, it needs web pages. These web pages are actually individual documents that can be displayed in a web browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) so that we can view the page.

It’s much the same as opening a word processing document, which requires a specific program such as Microsoft Word to view the document.

So, there you go. Our no-nonsense explanation of what is a website. Now if you think of all of the different websites and web pages out there, you’ll come to realise that beyond this quick and easy explanation, it can all get very complex.

If you are interested in learning more, have any questions or comments, leave them below 😊

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