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A specialist event furniture hire company for events in Sydney and Melbourne who were looking to attract new business with a unique website that includes both information and e-commerce.

Chillizone website

Project Details

A small business specialising in the niche service of translating and interpreting English to Dutch and vice versa  wanted to create an online presence and stand out amongst non-credible, automated translation tools.

First, we started with the website. A small but fully functional site that helped users to navigate and experience a credible language translator – no matter if their preferred language was English or Dutch. We did this by creating a bi-lingual website so that no opportunities were missed, as well as detailing to users the face behind the translating – not an automated translation tool whereby important information can be misconstrued.

We then performed search engine optimisation services on the website, targeting specialised keywords that were relevant to this niche translating service. The results have been outstanding. Dutch Translations has a strong dominance on the 1st page of Google for all of their keyphrases, which continue to drive traffic and leads to and from the website.

Project DateSeptember 2015
ServicesSEO, Web Design, Hosting, Domains
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