Landing Pages – the What, Why & How to Increasing Your Leads

Landing Pages – the What, Why & How to Increasing Your Leads
landing pages

Landing Pages are web pages that allow you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form. [HubSpot]

Essentially, it’s where people ‘land’ after they have clicked on one of your call to actions on your website, online advertising or blog etc. The purpose of a landing page is so that your business can acquire a new lead with contact details and so your new lead can gain access to your offer, such as an eBook or coupon. Landing pages should be very specific and should not display to your prospective new lead more than one offer. If your prospective new lead doesn’t know when they’re signing up for then the chances of you acquiring their information is very slim. You should keep your landing pages very simple but make sure you have the following:

1. Headline

The headline is most likely the first piece of content that your visitors will read so make sure it tells them why they are on this page - quickly!

2. Content and Copy

Keep any content short and concise but make sure it clearly explains what the visitor is meant to do on this page.

3. Image

The image will be the most visually enticing element on the page so make sure it’s attractive but relevant.

4. Simple layout with main navigation removed

If you stick to the ‘one message per landing page’ rule then the simple layout will follow. Make sure your layout flows and directs the reader’s eye to the most important part of the page, the form. The navigation is generally removed from landing pages to keep the focus on getting the visitor to complete the lead form.

5. Form

The whole point of a landing page is to obtain a visitor’s details so your form must be inviting enough to fill out. Forms that are long will give you more information about your visitor but will have a lower chance of being completed. Shorter forms will get you less information about your visitor, but have a greater chance of being completed. Find the right balance to get your lead nurturing going.

6. Call to Action Button

This button should stand out and make people want to complete the form process. For example, numerous studies have shown that CTA buttons labelled ‘download now’ will out-perform those CTA buttons simply labelled ‘Submit’

TIP: Be sure to test each of these 6 items to see what works best for your business!

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