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Most Common Questions

Below is a list of common questions we get asked at DigitUX.

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Who is DigitUX?

DigitUX is a Brisbane SEO and digital marketing company providing small and medium business across Australia with affordable SEO and digital marketing services.

Our core focus is on our clients the user experience to deliver exceptional services and results for all clients.

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How quickly will I see results?

A popular question that really depends on the digital marketing service you are signed up to, or are considering signing up to.

This question is best answered by one of our friendly Digital Marketing Specialists who can talk about your goals and services, specifically.

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Do you offer flexible payment options?

Yes. We offer clients the flexibility of different payment options, as we believe in making digital marketing services as easy and affordable as possible for small and medium businesses.

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How do you consult with Clients?

As a digital marketing company whose focus is on passing any savings onto our Clients, we generally perform all consultations via telephone or video conferences. This reduces costs to provide all clients with affordable SEO and digital marketing services without compromising on quality.

Do you have a physical office location?

Yes. The DigitUX head office is in Brisbane city where our Digital Marketing Specialists have access to the latest digital marketing tools, equipment and support they need to deliver Clients with the best results.

What happens if I require technical support?

At DigitUX, we pride ourselves on top tier customer support services that are 100% Australian.

Our team are here to answer any questions you may have, and resolve any issues as soon as possible.

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