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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine, such as Google.

How quickly will I see SEO results?

While most Clients start to see results within just 30 days from their SEO Implementation, we always advise a minimum of 3 months to give enough time to diagnose any unforeseen external factors, such as search engine algorithm updates which may affect rankings and performance.

Why is SEO link building important?

Google (and other search engines) cite that one of the most important SEO ranking factors is the presence of a base of thematic links. If such a link base is of high quality, this is a signal that the site is of high quality. The higher quality a website is perceived to be, the better it will rank.

Do you offer SEO ranking guarantees?

As a reputable SEO company, we do not offer false guarantees of keyword rankings. Generally, these “ranking guarantees ” are made in relation to irrelevant keywords that yield little to no web traffic.

We always abide by Google best practices, and even Google cites that “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google’.

So while we don’t provide nonsense guarantees, our high quality SEO services mean that we don't need to.

How will SEO grow my business?

A quality SEO Campaign is extremely beneficial to growing a business online. Why? Because when somebody wants to find something, they go to Google!

SEO can increase the number of relevant visitors to your website, which in turn are far more likely to turn into leads and customers. SEO can also create optimal brand awareness and credibility in the Organic search results for a cost-effective price (the same cannot be said for Google Ads).

How is DigitUX different from other SEO companies?

DigitUX is a locally owned and operated company in Brisbane, Australia, that specialises in SEO.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a wealth of knowledge & experience in the SEO industry.

Basically, when it comes to SEO – we know what works, what doesn't and can devise strategies that are specific to your business and website to achieve top results.

If you're looking for an SEO company with a difference, then we'd love to hear from you.

Do you outsource your SEO services?

No. We pride ourselves on being a reputable SEO company that is owned and operated in Brisbane, Australia.

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Can I migrate my website from an existing hosting provider?

Yes, we have a free inbound migration policy for most accounts. To confirm your migration, please contact us.

Can I change my hosting plan?

Yes. You can start on any of our hosting plans, and if you find that you need more space, then simply let your Account Manager know.

We can upgrade your plan any time in just a few clicks. There’s nothing you will need to do and no down-time.

If you’re not sure of which package would best suit your needs, just get in touch.

Do you keep a backup of my website

Yes. We take daily backups of all our hosted websites.

If you require a backup copy of your website, simply contact our Support Team and we will gladly assist.

Why is Australian web hosting important?

Having your website hosted in Australia will maximise your website’s speed and performance as it shortens the time your data takes to travel from server to user.

Plus, if you need support – you know that our Australian support team are available when you need them.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

No. To cease your monthly hosting services with DigitUX, we just require 30 days’ notice.

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