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Have you ever visited the Facebook page of a new small or medium business and noticed they had some 10,000+ likes? Did alarm bells ring in your head? They probably should have, because chances are those Facebook likes were purchased from one of the many thousands of fake sites out there who promise you an overload of likes so that the business could appear more well renowned than it actually is.

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While this tactic might work on some of those who are less familiar of these scams, they are the only ones. It might be difficult to build your Facebook followers, but with a little hard work through regular posts, competitions, and interactions you will slowly build a profile of genuine fans who are actually more likely to purchase with your business.

If the enticement of more sales isn’t enough, Facebook has recently announced that it will be taking “big strides” to counter this fraudulent activity with new advances in their pattern recognition technologies which will “halt many of the major exchanges that promote fake like activity on Facebook originating from click farms, fake accounts and malware”.
“When we see suspicious patterns of likes coming from or to a specific account, we thoroughly investigate the situation in order to determine whether there is fraudulent activity taking place,” said Facebook.

So, to anybody out there who is thinking of purchasing some Facebook likes, think again and put that time and energy into creating some original and unique content which will reap more benefits for your business in the long run.

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