What Is WooCommerce?

If you are familiar with website platforms in any way, chances are good you have heard buzz about an e-commerce platform called ‘WooCommerce’.

And, with the leading global market share at approximately 37%, there is good reason!

Now let us pull back the curtain on WooCommerce for further explanation.


So… "What Is WooCommerce"?

WooCommerce could be best described as an open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress content management systems (CMS).

Its popularity is largely due to its ease of use, flexibility and zero cost to use or setup.

WooCommerce is no lightweight though! Not just an eCommerce platform, this powerful solution enables sellers to sell practically anything with ease.

WooCommerce can handle everything from physical products to digital downloads, memberships and reservations seamlessly, whilst being able to accept payments via a wide range of convenient methods on any device!

Boasting over 5 million active installations worldwide, WooCommerce has quickly become the go-to choice in eCommerce – everyone wants a piece of this pie!

Why Are People Excited about WooCommerce?

While everyone may love its catchy name, that doesn’t explain everything: there are more significant factors at work here. WooCommerce’s immense popularity can be attributed to many impressive features and advantages. First of all, it is built upon WordPress – one of the world’s leading website building platforms.


By taking advantage of all that WordPress can do for websites in general and applying them specifically to an online storefront is just an additional perk! However, WooCommerce goes even further! Incorporating secure payment gateways, SEO-friendly features, an expansive array of plugins and themes that you can use to customise your store to your heart’s content – not to mention its vibrant community of developers who always stand by you. This platform offers something special! No wonder so many people love WooCommerce!

The Key Benefits and Why You Should Pick WooCommerce

WooCommerce stands out among eCommerce platforms as one that boasts all the goodies. 

  • One key advantage it boasts over competitors is its adaptability – no matter if you are selling handmade pottery to small artists or large retailers selling high-tech gadgets, WooCommerce has your needs covered.
  • WooCommerce excels at customisation. Need your store to reflect your brand’s personality? No problem! With WooCommerce you have full control over its look and function – not to mention its integration with WordPress providing access to an effective blogging platform suited for content marketing and SEO efforts.
  • WooCommerce excels when it comes to SEO as well. Built using code optimised for search engine visibility, WooCommerce gives your products greater exposure while increasing their chances of attracting Google searchers – an affordable SEO solution which has led to its immense popularity.
  • WooCommerce makes small business digital marketing an easier process by offering various payment gateways (both local and international). By providing multiple payment methods, customers don’t have to be limited in their shopping choices online – something customers love doing when it comes time for shopping online!
  • Another key advantage is its security features, with regular updates helping to guard your store against cyber threats.
  • Let’s not forget about WooCommerce’s fantastic community of developers and users – an army at your service ready to assist in any way needed!
WooCommerce is the go-to eCommerce solution with style and substance! Don’t just meet, but exceed all your eCommerce needs by jumping aboard this journey! So, get on board the WooCommerce train for success in eCommerce!


WooCommerce stands as an eCommerce powerhouse. Thanks to its unparalleled combination of customisation, adaptability, and robust features – not to mention its affordable (free!) price point – WooCommerce stands out in any field it enters. So, don’t delay starting your eCommerce journey with WooCommerce. At DigitUX, we’re experts in affordable UX web design that utilises WordPress and WooCommerce. Get in touch with our friendly team today and start your side hustle or business venture!