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What are Webinars?

Webinars, or Web Seminars, are exactly that – a seminar which is conducted over the internet. They have always been a popular way to learn, educate or communicate, but since Covid-19 hit in 2020, their popularity has grown phenomenally.

Webinars are conducted via screen sharing technology or by video for users to later watch ‘on demand’. They are usually centered around a specific topic and are carried out by a presenter who prepares the webinar contents and presents the information.

Generally, people can sign up to a webinar if the topic is of interest to them and participate themselves by asking questions or by giving feedback – if they are participating in the live webinar, of course.

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How do Webinars Create Leads?

Webinars can be a great tool for moving prospects along a sales funnel so that they become ‘warmer’ leads as well as being able to increase a lead’s trust with you.

Just like any form of digital marketing however, webinars should include unique, valuable and shareable content to increase the likelihood of a conversion, and to increase webinar attendance in the future.

If you’ve ever attended or held a webinar before, you’ll most likely know that users register to view the webinar – this just means that there is an exchange of information. For example, the user provides their name and email address to the host of the webinar and then the user can gain access to the webinar.

Therefore, if you can continue to create engaging content in your webinars, you can grow your leads and begin other marketing campaigns using the data i.e. email marketing campaigns promoting future webinars, product information and more.

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