As we all step well into the New Year, we need to be well aware of what’s on the agenda for digital marketing in 2017. Each year, things change a little bit more in this fast paced industry. Not to worry though, DigitUX is here to help your business prioritise with our top 7 Marketing Techniques in 2017.

1. Content Marketing

You may feel like you’ve heard this before, but content continues to play a vital role in digital marketing in 2017. Content – WAIT! GOOD content is exactly what creates online success whether its Google who is indexing your web pages and serving them in the search results (SEO), website visitors who are highly engaged with your content and are more likely to purchase with you due to increased credibility and trust, or good old fashioned blog and social media posts which are highly informative, funny and are worth sharing with others to capture a wider audience.

If content marketing wasn’t on your radar for 2017, we’d suggest your reconsider.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s likely that you may not have even heard of IoT, but are using it every day with the likes of smartphones, laptops and smartwatches. The IoT ‘refers to objects that are embedded with connectivity software and hardware, which allows them to communicate with other devices, users, and manufacturers’.

These “smart” devices are quickly becoming part of our everyday lives, as more of us become connected to each other and our devices. Businesses have recognised the importance of the IoT and it’s only too likely that consumers will become more and more dependent on this technology.

For SMEs wanting to cash in the IoT in their businesses, it might be a little harder as most functionality surrounds customised projects, rather than widespread mainstream solutions. Watch this space though!

3. Customer UX (User eXperience)

You may have heard this term creep up more and more of late but it’s not new. UX design is about making the user’s experience with your product or service the best it can be. It’s ensuring your business attracts visitors to your website who are interested in the kind of product or service that you’re offering, and then, once they are there, making their journey from the home page to purchasing the product or service as easy as possible.

Sounds easy enough right? Good UX in fact is quite difficult and involves much testing and analysis to ensure the experience is designed specifically for your customers. UX design goes FAR beyond picking some nice colours for your website, but rather guiding your visitors through your website’s funnel as smoothly as possible.

Need help on good UX for your website? At DigitUX, we’re experts – did you notice the UX focus we even have in our name?
So please get in touch if you’d like to speak to one of our friendly team members.

4. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation isn’t new, but it is becoming more widely used and important, especially when trying to enhance the UX for your prospects and customers. Automation makes life easier for both your business and the customer, as important information or insights are sent automatically, eliminating the need for timely, manual reminders.

For instance, if your business runs an ecommerce website and a visitor abandons their shopping cart without making a purchase, that sale is gone forever. Wrong! With automation, you can track visitors than abandon their shopping cart and then send them an email automatically, reminding them that you still have their items waiting for them to purchase.

Marketing automation is a clever and profitable investment that more and more businesses are catching on to.

5. Mobile Marketing

It feels like we are constantly being told about mobile marketing and having mobile friendly websites, but this is with good reason. Mobile continues to grow exponentially, with Google announcing in 2015 that mobile overtook desktop as the device that people search with the most.

Since then, Google have given greater preference to websites that have been made mobile responsive and it’s not long now before they change their primary algorithm results from desktop to mobile (given they have been performing many test around this in the past few months).

If your business wants to take on a digital marketing strategy that’s focused on mobile, or doesn’t yet have a mobile friendly website, we suggest that this is placed pretty highly on the top of your list for 2017.
So contact DigitUX and we’ll get your business on its way to the ever growing mobile world that customers live in.

6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It doesn’t matter what you read out there, SEO is here to stay. And if you want your business to be found by potential customers, you’d better hop to it. Organic listings in Google are the ‘non-paid’ listings that have to be earned as opposed to purchased (such as Google AdWords).

Competition is fierce in the SEO world, but a reputable SEO company like DigitUX knows all the best strategies and tactics to earn you these results in the shortest amount of time possible. It should also be remembered that SEO is a long term strategy that requires on-going work to build up the credibility and trustworthiness of your website in the eyes of Google. Therefore, the sooner you can start investing in SEO, the better off your business will be in the long run.

The benefits of a successful SEO campaign are highly rewarding if you stick with it and use an experienced SEO Specialist.

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7. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

If you’re happy with the number of visitors your website is receiving but not so happy with the number of sales and/or enquiries coming through, then CRO is for you. CRO aims to identify the “disconnect” between visitors and customers by analysing and testing elements of your website.

While “gut feelings” can be right, there is no greater proof than the hard evidence that CRO provides. Conversion Optimisation takes time, but can be extremely profitable as you turn your website into a streamlined digital marketing machine.