We Asked People About “the little things that bug them” when making updates to their website – Here’s What They Said
Every website will need an update at some point, and we’re not even talking about a full-blown website refresh. We’re talking simple content updates such as editing a price, changing or inserting a new line of text, replacing an image – that type of thing.

While these website updates generally aren’t too hard to manage on one’s own, we thought we would put you guys to the test and find out – ‘what bugs people the most about updating their website’.

Here’s what we found…

#3 Forgot Password

We told you, these aren’t big issues but rather bugbears! So right before any updates can even be attended to, website managers are already faced with their first issue – trying to log in with an incorrect password.

Annoying? Yes. Easy to fix? Also, yes.

Tip: Simply write your password on a little post-it note and stick it on your desk! That way, you don’t have to worry about locating it in all of your online folders – or worse yet, somebody else locating it in your online folders. An offline copy right in front of your desk should do the trick.

#2 Dashboard Navigation Issues

Even when using the simplest of website content management systems, such as WordPress, we found that people were still clicking on the incorrect areas in order to find what they were looking for, or said that they were “wasting so much time looking for one thing”.

While we have no control over the WordPress dashboard, we do have a couple of tips:

  1. Try exploring this link on How to Customize Your WordPress Admin Dashboard. There may or may not be something useful for you to implement; or
  2. We’re back to the good old post-it notes. Simply stick one of these on the side of your computer screen, at the exact point where you need to navigate to.

Bonus Tip: You could even use the same post-it note that has your password on it and kill two birds with one stone.

#1 Browser Cache

Yep. Browser Cache. Have you ever made an update to your website only to find that your update didn’t show on the page, even though you clicked ‘update’?

Well, it is all too likely that this ended up being a browser caching issue. I know that here at DigitUX, Clients often contact us with this issue.

So, what are we talking about? Well, if you load your site and your updates are missing – then one of the first things you should do is to refresh your browser cache. Most of the time, caching happens seamlessly in the background without us even knowing. However, sometimes, we need to speed things up ourselves.

PC Mag gives a good, clear and simple definition – Browser Cache is a temporary storage area in memory or on disk that holds the most recently downloaded web pages.

Refreshing browser cache is actually very simple – the hard part is working out which browser and device you are using. To help you refresh your browser cache, here’s an awesome guide called How to Clear Browser Cache for All Major Browsers

Well, that’s all folks. Your top 3 bugging issues wrapped up and how to solve them.

If you have any other issues that bug you, or additional tips to the ones that we have provided in this article – let us know in the comments