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There’s no doubt about it, the world has been forever changed by Covid-19, and in particular, the way people do business. While some industries have been harder hit than others, no business has been unaffected by the impact of Covid.

At DigitUX, we’re here to help all business through Covid-19 and beyond with affordable digital marketing strategies. However, you can always make a great start in getting your own business online with these hot tips!

These tips are an ideal way to help you survive the impact of Covid-19 and come through the other side with a future-proofed business, as they incorporate long-term, profitable marketing strategies that you can start implementing today (if you haven’t already).

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The Pivot to Digital

If you haven’t already pivoted your business into the digital work, then this is a must!

Covid-19 has overwhelmingly fast-tracked the rise of the digital world. Why? Because it doesn’t matter if you are in lock-down at home, restricted by state borders (as we often are here in Australia), or banned from international travel – the rise of local business opportunities has been massive!

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To capitalise on digital, businesses need to ensure that when customers are browsing their devices (likely from home) and being told not to venture too far, that your local business is the one they see and the one that converts users into leads and customers.

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If you’re not sure how to get started with your digital pivot, then we have a simple 3 step solution:

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1. Get a Mobile Responsive Website

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f you don’t have a website, then you have no online presence. Without a website, there will be nowhere to drive your online traffic and customers. First things first, get yourself a website! The site should be mobile responsive, easy to use and representative of your brand. There are a stack of free website builders out there, however, as long term thinkers, we would strongly recommend that all businesses invest in a professionally designed website.

Take it a step further: DigitUX create professional and affordable UX designed websites that align with your business goals – just get in touch!

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2. Claim your Google My Business Listing

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Claiming your GMB listing and ensuring it is completed in as much relevant detail as possible will go a long way to helping customers find you in Google.

Take it a step further: DigitUX offers GMB Managed Services so that you can manage your business, and we can manage your GMB listing. That means that your listing is always up to date with the latest optimisation techniques, images, special hours and more. Learn more here!

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3. SEO for the Win

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Now that you’re online, you need to make sure that Google makes your website a priority over your competitors with a strong SEO strategy. SEO is a great, long-term digital marketing strategy that can drive relevant web traffic to your site every day.

Take it a step further: Not only can DigitUX provide a strong SEO presence for your business to drive that extra traffic, but we now also offer DigitUX Local SEO services. This means that you can also dominate Google Local Packs/ Maps as well as the Organic search results – the ideal combination for a winning digital marketing presence!

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