Enhance your UX with DigitUX

Digital marketing continues to revolutionise businesses. From purchasing a product to getting specific information, users have many reasons to visit a website. While each reason will bring its own goals, business owners should understand that each reason is largely centered around providing visitors with the best user experience (UX) possible.

Why? Because the more positive experiences that users have, generally means that users engage longer with a website, leading to higher conversion rates.

To achieve this, there are many tactics involved to enhance UX which adhere to latest trends and goals of the business.

DigitUX comprises a team of affordable SEO and digital marketing experts in Brisbane that deliver businesses with a range of services, such as UX website design, search engine optimisation, conversion optimisation, and increased web traffic solutions. While there are many ways you can improve UX, we’ve shortlisted an important handful for the purposes of this blog post.

Place Important Headers & Information ‘Above the Fold’

UX Website Designers understand that “fold” plays a crucial role in any website. Fold is the page’s point where website users navigate to the bottom page to explore more useful content. Having catchy and important information above your site’s fold can help to generate and boost conversion numbers. Additionally, developing an enticing CTA (call to action) and headline will only convince users further to engage deeper with your website, product or service.

Use Engaging Visuals on Your Landing Page

Visuals on business landing pages not only attract a user, but also encourage users to take further action. Engaging visuals can also be important enough to determine if users will continue exploring your site or not. So make sure landing pages and important pages such as your Home page use attention-grabbing visuals, or even videos, as these have been proven to improve conversions compared to highly text based pages.


Offer a Free Trial or Demo

Free trials before paying for a service online can help users enjoy a better service experience. As such, your online business can convert visitors to long-term buyers. Although this can come with some downturns, businesses must offer support for demo or greet sessions. If you offer this service appropriately, it will enhance your business online user experience and boost conversions.

Use Easy-To-Navigate Menus

Website navigation should not be too demanding, regarding skills, knowledge, and expertise. Users must get what they need within a few clicks. As such, easy-to-understand menus will improve user experience, and you can trust that users who get what they want within a few clicks will always come back.


You must prioritise developing simple-to-understand menus for your business website. Always consider using a drop-down menu to allow users to access all available options.

Enhance your UX with DigitUX

The first impression visitors get when they visit your business website will determine whether they will continue to use it or leave to find a similar competitor site. With the right business SEO strategy, DigitUX can help your business have an improved UX and increased conversions using affordable SEO for small businesses.