6 Steps To Target And Connect With New Customers

Marketing is essential for any business, but perhaps even more so for small businesses that are just starting out, or want to drive their marketing dollar further. How your business engages with potential customers says a lot about the professionalism and the quality of your company and its offering, so if you’re looking to target new customers and build connections, here are 6 simple and cost effective steps you must try!

1. Create Compelling Content

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post, web page or a social media post, your content should always be educational and relate back to what it is that your business offers.

But – remember to keep it interesting or entertaining. Users and customers won’t read passed the first paragraph (or even the first line!) if they find your content boring and irrelevant. So find creative ways to make your content unique as well as a little bit fun.

There are loads of tips and tricks out there to help you with content creation – or, just give DigitUX a call. Our team of Australian copywriters can make on-going content creation a walk in the park!

2. Incite Customers with Giveaways

Everyone likes free stuff, especially when the spirit of competition is involved. Try promoting your products or services through giveaways on social media, asking your followers to share your page and leave a comment on your post to receive an entry. It’s amazing how even a small prize can motivate people to share your business with others! Plus, they are more likely to remember you when they next need your services too.


3. Build Connections

One thing you don’t want to do is jam your business down customers’ throats. Nothing drives people away like forceful, over-the-top marketing. Rather than annoying your customers with constant posts and stories, take a look at when they’re most active and create a strategy around this. You should also aim to reply to messages within a day and reply to all comments and reviews, whether positive or negative.

4. Have A Strong Social Media Presence

In the age of technology, social media is everything. Having a strong presence on social media is key to growing a business. But make sure you consider where your target audience is – there is no point wasting your time and effort on Facebook if the customers you’re trying to attract only use Instagram and TikTok!

5. Do Some Test Runs

As we stated earlier, free is key when targeting new customers. “Try before you buy” is an incredibly effective way of enticing new customers, so we recommend letting some people sample your product or service beforehand. If they like it, ask them to leave a review.

6. Ask Customers for Feedback

If you want to know how to build connections with customers both new and existing, simply ask them. Ask your customers for things they’d like to see and how you could improve your services. Not only will this give you new tips, but it will also show people you’re a company that cares!

The team at DigitUX know how to market your business the right way. Our affordable SEO strategies are perfect for small businesses looking to build connections and interest new customers. Contact us at (07) 3535 0633 to grow your business today!