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Video is an excellent form of communication that your business can use for its customers and prospects. Video is more popular than ever and used strategically, it can have real benefits for your business. It’s also become so simple to create video content, with almost everybody now carrying a mobile phone in their pocket at all times!

Here are 6 easy ways that your business can use video in its digital marketing strategy:

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One of the best ways that your business can increase visitor trust is to be fully transparent about your company. A ‘meet the company’ or ‘meet the team’ video is a great way to do this, and shows how real your business is. You might wish to include a few important points, such as:

  • Who the business is
  • What your business stands for i.e. core values, mission, vision etc.
  • Why the business exists
  • How your business helps customers
  • How your business is different from similar competitors
  • Who works in the business and what they do

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If you interact with customers on a daily basis, you may have noticed the same few questions coming up over and over again. These questions can be a great starting point to film a Q&A video and showcase your business as knowledgeable and pro-active in their industry.

For example, if you operate a local café that focuses on the more ‘health conscious’ consumer, then a great idea for a video might be to show exactly what goes into your food and beverages. If you offer a ‘smoothie of the day’ – why not film a short video that clearly shows all of the products you put into the smoothie as well as noting where they come from i.e. fresh strawberries from the local farms on the Sunshine Coast, or showcasing the different milk options that are available to customers – dairy, soy, oat etc.

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There’s nothing clearer than seeing fist hand, how your business has helped a customer. Next time your business provides a product or service that met (or exceeded) a customer’s expectations, why not film a short video.

These types of videos don’t have to be long or take up much of your customer’s time, but they will go a long way into showcasing your business in a positive light to others.

Remember with this one though – real customers are the key! Do not try and get friends and family in on the act, it simply isn’t worth it.

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Product videos are extremely popular on the internet and leave no doubt in a customers’ mind as to what your product looks like, what’s included or how it works.

You can go into as much or as little detail as possible (always a great idea to AB Test to see what works best for your business), but the bottom line it – these types of videos will be watched and have definitely been proven to increase leads and sales online!

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Building on top of the product and service videos, are ‘how-to’ videos. These can help customers ‘go deeper’ into a product or service that they require more assistance with.

For example, if you offer customers a product that helps to unclog their drains, then why not create a video that demonstrates exactly how to apply the product.

Or, if your product is intangible like a plugin on a website, then provide steps for users on how they can install your plugin, configure the settings and update the plugin as required.

The great thing about ‘how-to’ videos, is that it minimises the amount of phone calls or emails that customers might send requiring your support – which can be quite time consuming!

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Finally, announcements are a great way for businesses to showcase new products, new stores, community events that your business is hosting or attending, new staff members – really, the list is endless!

These videos are great to show your business is up to date with their communication and again, transparent to customers so that you can continue to build trust, shareability and increase leads and customers!

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There you have it – a ton of ways that your business can use video in its digital marketing strategy. So what are you waiting for? Pull out that smart phone and get filming!

Then, when you feel you are more advanced, you can always invest in better technology, cameras and video editing software.


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