6 Convincing Reasons To Start Your Own Small Business Blog

If you run a small business, you might not have the personnel, time or experience to manage your marketing. However, if there’s one important digital marketing strategy to put towards the top of your list, it’s your very own small business blog. While there is a bit of time and care needed in maintaining a (good) blog, they are great at adding fresh, relevant and unique content to your site on a regular basis, as well as engaging your existing client’s interest in the products and services you provide, as well as attracting new interest to your site. So, why should you start a small business blog today, and how can affordable small business SEO help? Read on to learn more.

1. Increase Traffic To Your Website

With new customers, your business will experience growth and profit. But how do you draw new clients in the first place? Advertising through Google, Facebook and Bing isn’t cheap, especially if you’re a small business with a limited budget.

A blog offers the affordable small business digital marketing you need. You’ll draw new interest in your business, with each article acting as a new page ready to attract potential customers.

What’s more, Google loves websites that add new, quality content to their websites on a regular basis, so you’ll more than likely notice your site climbing up the Google SERPS!

2. Prove You Know Your Industry

An effective small business blog showcases its business as a leader in the industry. Relevant and informational posts will help present you as an authority in your field. Showing how much you know – but being smart about it at the same time – will prove to your customers that you know what you’re selling.

3. Lead Conversion

For a blog to be effective, it needs to have a strategy. Blogs are typically designed to convert visitors, or leads, into customers. Every visitor to your blog can potentially become a customer, which is why each of your posts should have its content optimised for search engines (SEO), and accompanied by a call-to-action encouraging readers to get in touch.

4. Boost Customer Interest

A blog is a great way to boost connections and engagement with new and past clients. Posts can be used to share information and boost confidence in your products or service offerings. And if you include a comments section with each post, you’ll enable a conversation with your valued clients.

5. Grow Your Audience

When your customers share a post, your company’s reputation and authority will rise. Post shares can help build trust and confidence in your brand and ultimately expand your readership and consumers.

It’s important to remember that this won’t happen if you don’t spend the time or resources to produce quality content that users actually want to read and share.

6. See Lasting Results

The more posts your blog features, the more visible your site will be on search engines and social media. This is because search engines (such as Google) love websites that add fresh, relevant content to their sites on a regular basis.

Putting effort into your blog will ensure traffic and leads for the long term.

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