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Ask any SEO Specialist and they’ll tell you that there is definitely a lot more to SEO than meets the eye. Heck, if there wasn’t, everyone would rank #1 in Google!

SEO Specialists work very hard day in and day out to keep up with Google’s ever-changing environment and algorithm, all the while keeping abreast of all of the other digital marketing trends – but, it’s all in a days’ work.

We’re not saying that SEO is impossible to implement if you’re not an SEO Specialist, but it’s almost certainly not going to be delivering you anywhere the type of results that you would be achieving if you were to outsource the task to an SEO Expert. So, read on to learn more about 4 SEO myths that we have totally busted!

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1. Your 'IT Department' Can Handle Your SEO

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While there is some overlap between an SEO Specialist and an IT Specialist, including more of the technical SEO aspects such as uploading XML sitemaps and implementing re-directs, your IT department is also very adept to configuring a multitude of non-SEO jobs.

Hiring an SEO Specialist or outsourcing your SEO to a reputable SEO Company like DigitUX will ensure your website will have the optimal combination of both technical and marketing best practices that will maximise your SEO results.

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SEO Specialists live and breathe SEO every day and are always aware of the latest algorithm updates and changes to keep your results on track, not to mention having access and knowledge of all of the right tools to select the best converting SEO keyphrases for your SEO Campaign to build off.

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2. My New SEO Software Will Help Me Rule the SEO World

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There are a LOT of SEO software and tools out there all claiming to provide you with the best SEO keyphrases, results and 1st page rankings. While all this might sound great for just a couple of hundred dollars, most companies come to realise it’s money down the drain.

The sophisticated programming software that’s out there makes a great assistant to an SEO Specialist but should not be used as its own SEO management tool. SEO Specialists will know if the recommendations a software program are making, are worth implementing and they also constantly have their finger on the SEO pulse to implement trends or changes to algorithms.

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SEO is a long-term strategy that can yield some very rewarding and profitable long-term results; however, this is very unlikely to happen if you just open your wallet and expect the software to stay up to date and do the rest for you.

Luckily, SEO is also an affordable marketing strategy so it is advisable to pay for an affordable SEO package who will manage your campaign and allow you to continue to perform your job.

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3. Build Links and They Will Come

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While building an off-page online presence around the web is vital for online success, SEO has changed to make link building more about quality than quantity. If you’re tossing up whether or not to purchase those 1,000 links from overseas or build some relevant and credible on-shore Australian links – then think again.

Building poor quality links are usually irrelevant toy our business, even the country you operate in, flagging Google’s suspicions over the quality of your website and can even penalise you.

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Any reputable SEO company will build your online profile with high quality, relevant links like we do here at DigitUX.

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4. More Pages = Better SEO

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While this myth seems logical on the surface, it just isn’t true. No matter how many pages your website has, there is no guarantee that all of these pages will even get indexed or be of any relevancy to visitors. If you’re looking to improve SEO efforts, only add new pages that provide visitors with new and relevant information. If you’re not, then put your efforts into making the existing pages better and more up to date – it will more worth your while!

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There you have it. 4 SEO myths totally busted! If you found any of these myths interesting or have experienced interesting SEO practices, let us know in the comments.