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It’s no surprise that people are using smart mobile phone devices more than ever to search and browse the internet. This is a trend that has especially fast tracked by Covid-19, whereby lockdowns and ‘going local’ have somewhat become the ‘new normal’ way of life.

So, we’re here to let you in on 4 mobile marketing tips that your small or medium business must have!

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A web page created according to the principle of responsive design means that the page adjusts automatically to the size and type of a user’s device. This is great news because it means that web designers don’t have to make time-consuming updates to ensure your website looks great everywhere!

Plus, responsive design will ensure that no important information is missed by your customers and makes every opportunity to capitalise on a conversion.

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We have all visited a non-mobile friendly (responsive) websites, only to be frustrated by the small font and items that are almost impossible to click. So, be sure to make sure that you pull out your mobile phone and visit your website to make sure that it is responsive.

There are also many free responsive design checking tools across the web to help you with this, and even showcase a variety of different operating systems, browser types and devices.

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For those of you who are unaware, a QR Code, or ‘Quick Response’ code is a two-dimensional version of a Barcode able to convey a wide variety of information almost instantly with the scan of a mobile device.

These have become a lot more common in recent times with mandatory sign-ins becoming a way of life since the introduction of Covid-19.

However, they aren’t just for Covid-19 safe check-ins. QR codes can and should be widely used as part of your digital marketing strategy.
QR codes are great for small and medium businesses, as they are an affordable way to provide information to your customers, promote new products or services or even a great way to get online reviews.

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What’s more, QR codes can be put on almost anything! From business cards and posters, to products and shop fronts, they are an excellent way to integrate offline onto online.

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This is one sure-fire way to get people engaging with your small business marketing campaigns on social media. Tempt them with the possibility of winning a prize!

There’s a huge variety of contests you can run – from inviting people to submit hash-tagged photos, to asking them to retweet you, to ‘creative answer’ competitions.

The other bonus with running a competition is that it creates a sense of urgency. This means that people are more likely to participate if they know they have a deadline. So, get creative and start your competition today!

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Another way to motivate mobile users to scan your QR codes is to reward them. For instance, you can tell customers that are already in your store, café etc. that if they check-in to your Facebook page by scanning your QR code, this will enable them to receive a 10% discount off their purchase.

Or, further create customer loyalty with a card that works by customers scanning their own loyalty card with personalised QR code. This means that every time they buy a coffee from your shop, they can scan their customer QR code and after purchasing 6 coffees, they can receive the next coffee free!

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Bonus Benefit # 1: QR codes are a great initiative for going paperless and saving the environment!

Bonus Benefit # 2: QR codes can provide you with accurate marketing data such as how many times a QR code was scanned, to help you make further enhancements to your marketing

Bonus Benefit # 3: QR codes can be generated free online, so you don’t have to worry about increasing your costs!

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We can help!

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