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It’s a competitive market out there and it’s only getting harder to impress and delight customers – especially at Christmas time where everybody is trying to ‘cash in’.

Thankfully, we have 3 easy ways that you can delight your customers and it won’t event cost you a cent!

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Around this time of year, people generally have a little extra spirit, and your business shouldn’t be any different. It’s important to let your customers know that you are happy for the Christmas and New Year holidays – so be sure to make a few adjustments to your marketing. It’s a quick and easy way to get into the spirit.

Whether it’s your logo, email signature, invoices, staff or physical store – jazzing these up with a Santa hat or Christmas icons can help show your customers that you have the Christmas spirit and that you’re proactive about it.

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We all know that Christmas is indeed a time for giving, and while as business owners, we can’t necessarily ‘give’ our products and services out for free – we can express our generosity to help us all with our Christmas spirit.

For example, if you’re a local café owner, you might promote a 2-for-1 coffee between the hours of 12pm and 1pm. This not only helps to promote generosity but can also increase your sales at a time of day where they might be at their lowest.

Another example may be a special ‘Christmas promotion’, whereby for the 12 days of Christmas, you offer customers one or more special deals. These might include

  • 20% off your next purchase
  • Free Christmas socks with purchase
  • Free shipping
  • Buy 2 and get the 3rd item free

Whatever it might be, make it relevant, make it realistic and make it generous!

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If there’s ever a particular time to be grateful for what we have in our lives, it’s Christmas. This is particularly true in 2021 where we have all battled and continue to battle life with Covid-19.

If you’re a business that is fortunate enough to still be turning its wheels after numerous lockdowns, restrictions – you name it! then it makes sense to thank your customers for their loyalty and support throughout.

A thank you is also your final opportunity to leave a lasting impression in your customer’s minds, so make it a good one. The great thing about a ‘thank you’, is that it can be as big or small of a gesture as you would like, however, you are still leaving customers with a positive experiencing.

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So, there you have it – it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to go the extra mile this Christmas. And on that note, we hope all Australians have a great Christmas and we look forward to being here in 2022 and beyond to help with all your digital requirement to succeed online!


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