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Writing a new blog post on a regular basis sounds easy enough right? You just pick a topic, write a few words and click post. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Maintaining a successful blog with engaging content is actually much harder than what it sounds.

In fact, one of the hardest challenges can be time. Our day to day lives are full enough already without having to set aside more time than what we need in order to come up with a blog post topic and then write about it.

To help out, we’ve come up with 20 blog post ideas that you can easily use to help you with your writer’s block:

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  1. Take an industry myth and debunk it
  2. Create a list of 10 blogs that someone in your industry should read
  3. Invite a guest blogger to write a post on your blog
  4. Post photos from your company or recent company event//team building workshop
  5. Discuss how social media increased your ROI this year
  6. Share the tools your business uses to do its job
  7. Show a video tutorial demonstrating how to use your most popular product or service
  8. The top WordPress plugins you use on your website
  9. Share one of your customer’s case studies
  10. Post a question and let your customers answer it
  11. Share local businesses that you support and ask customers to share their favourites
  12. Share the best decision you made as a business owner or digital marketer
  13. Introduce a new employee and what they bring to your business
  14. Share your company’s history or story
  15. Create a list of the best industry resources e.g., blogs, social media accounts, eBooks, guides
  16. A re-cap list of some of your most popular blog posts
  17. What someone needs to consider before getting involved in your industry
  18. Hold a contest to do with your business to increase customer engagement
  19. Post a picture
  20. Participate in a blog meme competition

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Well, there you have it, a great mix of options for your blog post file. If you have another idea, share it in the comments. Alternatively, if you’re still stuck for ideas or time to write your posts – give us a call!

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