E-commerce sites have grown exponentially over the past few years, with a particular thanks to the Covid-19 global pandemic where online shopping skyrocketed! If you own or manage an e-commerce site, then you’ll know just how competitive the online shopping world has become. So, listen up as we share 12 essential features that your E-Commerce site must have if you want to boost those conversion numbers!

1. Sales

This one might sound obvious, but we have known many E-Commerce businesses that focused so much on simply the design and creation of content they neglected the very reason that the site exists in the first place!
Of course, both features are vital. However, our point is this, in creating an E-Commerce web presence, the desire to make sales (and often to encourage repeat purchases from the same customer), must be front and centre in all the decisions made.

2. Speedy Navigation

Websites are being accessed now by mobile devices more than ever before. Older sites, created when the desktop or tablet was king, can be slow and cumbersome for new tech. Therefore, make sure visitors can find their way with speed and comfort right through your site.

3. Easy-To-Manage

The flip-side of the above. Your web presence shouldn’t be time-consuming for you to update, add or edit. At DigitUX, we build our small business websites with WordPress, so that they look and function professionally but are super easy to manage.

4. Unique

While you might find some designs, inspirations or styles elsewhere in the digital world, your website should be unique and always represent your brand, and what it stands for. Websites that closely represent their brands lead to higher conversions from increased visitor trust, so be sure to keep this one in mind!

5. User Friendly Checkout

With the fundamental goal of an E-commerce website being to capture sales, you’ll need to ensure your shopping cart is easy to access and simple to use. Both ‘add to cart’ and ‘checkout’ buttons should be instantly findable.

6. Offer Various Payment Choices

There are no sales without payments from customers, so make sure all of this information in clear and upfront to save shopping cart abandonment.

Also, don’t limit customers by not offering enough payment options. In 2022, there’s dozens of ways for customers to pay, including options such as AfterPay and gift cards – so make sure you don’t miss a sale by offering customers plenty of choice.

7. Quality Pictures

If you’ve ever visited a website and found the images to be small, blurry or outdated, then chances are you wouldn’t have stayed on that site very long.

Whether you are using photos or illustrations, these must sell products potential customers can’t physically see or handle. Top-quality images, with different viewing angles where appropriate, are vital!

8. Quick Contact Opportunities

Customers may have doubts, or questions, before purchasing products and services from a business. An accessible Contact Box, phone number, or contact us option – and with swift responses – can rescue that possible sale.

9. Proof Positive

With remote customers, offering testimonials, quotes, Google reviews or ratings adds confidence. In fact, 93% of users say online reviews had an impact on their buying decisions [Exploding Topics].

To add to this, guarantees or a friendly and clear returns policy can also put customers minds at easy before making their purchase with you.

10. Availability Information

There is little more frustration experienced from customers than by those who work all the way through the shopping cart process only to reach an ‘item unavailable’ message. Let customers know early, suggest an alternative, or offer a reminder when the item is again available.

11. FAQ

A Frequently Asked Questions page is a great way to help clarify any doubts and adds to customer confidence. Plus, it can be updated when new questions are asked of you!

12. Affordability!

This is where our talented DigitUX team comes in. To find out more, about all of the above, plus affordable small business SEO, digital marketing possibilities, and what else your E-Commerce website can be, talk to us now!

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