Beware of Google Chrome’s 2018 Not Secure Update!

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If you’re an Australian business with an active website, you might want to stop and read this important update.

In 2017, Google Chrome had a massive 44% market share of internet browsers in Australia.


In 2018, that’s already increasing!

So, if you one of these 46% of users, you may already know that Google has been warning site owners that Google Chrome will begin flagging sites as being “not secure” in a future version of Chrome. Well, this time has now come!

Google has revealed via their Google Security Blog and the Chromium Blog that beginning in July 2018, sites that are not HTTPS will show as “Not secure” in the URL field – and will appear as follows:








At this stage, there has been no change to the HTTPS ranking boost, but sites that are secure and display a HTTPS do get a slight increase in their search rankings. This ranking boost is generally only enough to serve as a tiebreaker at this point, when sites would otherwise rank in the same position.

We think it’s only a matter of time though before Google increases this ranking boost, given the strong focus on web security and a heightened user experience.

Last year, Google also started sending out security warnings via Google Search Console for sites that were not HTTPS and it wouldn’t be surprising to see another round of these going out with the updated with the new update that all sites that are still HTTP as being flagged in Chrome.

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