A-Z Essential CRO Terms

A-Z Essential CRO Terms
Essential CRO Terms


A/B Split Testing

An experiment whereby a comparison is made using two versions of a webpage against each other to determine which one performs better. The two variants of a page are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal.

Above the Fold

The portion of a web page that is visible without having to scroll down the page. It is best practice to display the most important information above the fold, to minimise the chance of visitors missing the information.


A website that promotes another company’s products or services on its website, and earns commission from it. This practice is known as Affiliate Marketing.

ALT Text

A HTML tag that describes the contents of an image (or any other multimedia). They are used so that search engines can identify an image (as they cannot see images like humans can), as well as for web visitors who have their image display settings switched off.

Anchor Text

The clickable text on a hyperlink. Best practices for SEO advise that anchor text should be closely related to the web page it links to and non-generic, such as click here.

Authority Site

Websites that search engines consider to be high-quality.


Average Order Value (AOV) states the average value of all orders processed by an eCommerce store.



A backlink (or link or hyperlink),occurs in an instance where website A has a hyperlink that directs to website B. This now gives website B, one backlink. Backlinks are important for SEO but it is is far better to have fewer backlinks from higher authority sites, than it is to have more backlinks for low authority sites.


A variety of different sized rectangles on a website that are predominantly used to display advertising.


A baseline conversion rate is the existing conversion rate of a website, which an A/B tests attempt to improve on.

Behavioural Targeting

An advertising strategy where websites serve their visitors with ads that are specifically related to their interests and preferences. For example, behavioural targeting ads might display some joggers that the user was looking at earlier on your website.

Below the Fold

The portion of a website that is not visible without scrolling down the page.


Occurs when a visitor arrives on a website and leaves without viewing other pages on the website.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors that 'bounce' from a website. Generally speaking, websites with a higher bounce rate lack the ability to engage their website visitors.


The set of navigation links on a web page that tells the exact location of the web page in a website. For example: HOME > PRODUCTS > HATS

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