3 Inspirational Facebook Pages

3 Inspirational Facebook Pages
3 Inspirational Facebook Pages

3 Inspirational Facebook Pages

There's no denying that Facebook is one powerful social media platform - well, at least it can be for most businesses. With its gigantic reach, its ability to give businesses 24/7 real time contact with customers, and the fact that it's FREE to use, you'd be crazy not to try and take advantage.

While this all sounds great, sometimes creating a Facebook page, generating followers and then keeping it engaging for them on a regular basis can be a little tough to say the least.

Never fear, we've shortlisted 3 great examples of business Facebook pages who are doing a great job at keeping their followers happy and top of mind for that all important purchase!

1. Nutella

Who doesn't love the stuff? Unfortunately that alone won't make your Facebook page a magnet for followers.


Firstly, it's clear what the product is. It's cover photo displays a variety of Nutella products that are easily identifiable to customers.

Second, Nutella are clear about their company - who they are, where they are and a link to their website.

Third, they show great credibility and trust. For instance, the 100% response rate clearly shows that Nutella are actively on their Facebook page and will respond to all enquiries.

Finally, the content. Nutella displays a wide variety of images and videos which not only promote the Nutella products, but also make it fun and engaging for followers and customers. They do a great job of making the visitor want to purchase Nutella products.

2. Lorna Jane

Whether you're into your fitness or not, I think we've all heard of the iconic Australian brand, Lorna Jane.


Lorna Jane do a great job at showing off their lines of fitness wear, promoting the various different uses e.g. yoga, crossfit or jogging.

As a company that is trying to promote fitness, their page has a 'feel good' vibe for followers. They do this by showing images and people with a positive vibe, who are ready to take on the world in their Lorna Jane outfits.

Lorna Jane also do a great job of extending their brand into the nutrition category - which is a perfect hand in hand match for fitness. Their page displays various recipes which are a great fit for the brand and highly shareable among followers.

Finally, Lorna Jane engages with visitors by using Facebook to promote offline events. This is very smart, as it increases engagement among followers and again, is highly shareable material which generates more shareable material when attendees post their offline Lorna Jane vent experience

3. Finance & Development

This example takes on a less well known organisation, but one who is taking advantage of the offering that Fecebook has for businesses.


Their cover photo is current, and shows the latest cover of their magazine.

They are very consistent with their postings and include a fantastic variety of content, including photos, videos and info-graphics - all highly visual and very shareable. All content is relevant which is extremely important for followers as well.

Their external linking is top notch. Not only do they link to their own pages, but they also link to many other pages and websites that aren't their own. This increases community engagement and is a great way to get noticed back - by both the business and their customers.

Interestingly, they are also using Facebook as a way to gather feedback with a link to a feedback survey. This shows that they welcome feedback and are making it extremely easy for visitors to do so.

So there you have it, 3 great Facebook business pages that we can all learn from.
Is there something your Facebook business page is doing that you'd like to share? Leave a link and description in the comments and we'd love to check it out!

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